LGBT Marriage Oppression Project

I chose the topic of LGBT rights and or marriage because I believe it is just as relevant as ever today. As an ally to this group I have realized that oppression does not stop at equal marriage rights. “With liberty and justice for all” up until June 26, 2015, two people of the same sex could not get married in all 50 states. I don’t know about you but this does not seem like liberty for all. Even though we have been speaking these words since we started school have we ever given a thought to what they mean? When you are LGBT it means you are L- lesbian G- gay B- bisexual T- transgender or transexual, being one of the following can get you kicked out of places such as restaurants or stores. Yes, this group may have the right to marry at this point but there is still much more that needs to be changed.

Click For a timeline on legalization on same sex marriage. I chose this link because it clearly shows the status on legalizing same sex marriage.

 Question- Where do you stand on LGBT rights? Why?

I chose this video because I know from past experiences that the Green brothers, Hank and John, do a lot of research on the topics they discuss and tend to have strong opinions with arguments that make sense.

Question: Do you agree with Hank Green’s accusations? Why or why not?

Click this link. I chose this blog for a few interesting reasons. The list is entertaining enough to keep reading with its immense amounts of sarcastic remarks. The blog makes points to the modern world and rebuttals accusations made by people against same sex couples.

Question: Was there anything in this article that shocked you?

Click for yet another article. I singled out this passage because I felt that was not nearly as bias as other have been.  For once it is an article that shows both sides rather than one. However, I still remain on my claim for same sex marriage.

Question: How do you think the person who wrote the blog was able to remain unbiased?

Click For An Important Video

Click for a definition of marriage. I wanted to bring this up to show that according to the Webster’s dictionary marriage is not defined by  man and woman.

Question: If you had negative views on same sex marriage was I able to change them?


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